Source code for ttfquery.ttfmetadata

#!/usr/bin/env python
"""Query for meta-data for a given font"""
from ttfquery import describe
from ttfquery._scriptregistry import registry
import sys, os

[docs]def printMetaData( metadata ): print ' Specific Name:', metadata[2] print ' File:', metadata[0] print ' Modifiers:', metadata[1] print ' Family Name:', ", ".join(metadata[4])
[docs]def main(): usage ="""metadata_query name Will create a registry file font.cache if it doesn't already exist, otherwise will just use the existing cache. See for updating the cache. """ if sys.argv[1:]: name = " ".join( sys.argv[1:] ) else: sys.stderr.write( usage ) sys.exit(1) fontNames = registry.matchName( name ) fontNames.sort() for general in fontNames: print 'Font:', general specifics = registry.fontMembers( general ) specifics.sort() for specific in specifics: printMetaData( registry.metadata( registry.fontFile(specific) ))
if __name__ == "__main__": main()