Source code for ttfquery.ttfgroups

#!/usr/bin/env python
"""Demo script to print ordered set of system fonts"""
from ttfquery import describe, findsystem
import sys, traceback, logging
log = logging.getLogger( __name__ )

[docs]def buildTable( filenames=None, failureCallback=None ): """Build table mapping {family:(font:{modifiers:(name,file)})} filenames -- if provided, list of filenames to scan, otherwise the full set of system fonts provided by findsystem will be used. failureCallback -- if provided, a function taking three arguments, the failing filename, an error-type code, and the error object. If processing should stop, raise an error. codes: 0 -- couldn't open the font file 1 -- couldn't find modifiers in the font file 2 -- couldn't find font-name in the font file 3 -- couldn't find the generic family specifier for the font """ if filenames is None: filenames = findsystem.findFonts() table = {} for filename in filenames: try: font = describe.openFont(filename) except Exception, err: if failureCallback: failureCallback( filename, 0, err ) else: try: modifiers = describe.modifiers( font ) except (KeyError,AttributeError), err: if failureCallback: failureCallback( filename, 1, err ) modifiers = (None,None) try: specificName, fontName = describe.shortName( font ) except (KeyError,AttributeError), err: if failureCallback: failureCallback( filename, 2, err ) else: try: specifier = except KeyError: if failureCallback: failureCallback( filename, 3, err ) else: table.setdefault( specifier, {} ).setdefault( fontName, {} )[modifiers] = (specificName,filename) return table
[docs]def interactiveCallback( file, code, err ): """Simple error callback for interactive use""" log.warn( 'Failed reading file %r (code %s):\n', file, code, )
[docs]def main(): import time t = time.clock() if sys.argv[1:]: directories = sys.argv[1:] files = findsystem.findFonts(directories) else: files = None table = buildTable(files, failureCallback=interactiveCallback) t = time.clock()-t keys = table.keys() keys.sort() for fam in keys: print '_________________________' print fam fnts = table[fam].items() fnts.sort() for fnt,modset in fnts: mods = modset.keys() mods.sort() mods = ",".join([ '%s%s'%( w, ['','(I)'][i&1]) for (w,i) in mods]) print ' ',fnt.ljust(32), '--', mods 'Scan took %s seconds CPU time', t )
if __name__ == "__main__": logging.basicConfig( level =logging.INFO ) main()